Cyberslacking in the workplace can quickly become very costly to corporations. According to a study carried out by Sterling Commerce, the German economy loses approximately € 52 billion every year due to private Internet use at the workplace.

More than 60 % of all employees who have access to the Internet in the workplace use it approximately an hour per day for private surfing. Employees may surf the Internet to verify stock quotes, shop online, book a vacation, visit a pornographic site or simply download an MP3 file or the latest version of a video game.

For a corporation, cyberslacking is one of the most difficult things to monitor. The University of the Saarland performed a study of numerous large corporations. Most stated that the damage caused by employees privately surfing on the Internet is quite significant. Cyberslacking results in an average of 17 days of missed work per employee per year, worth over US$ 50 million in lost revenue per year. What sites do employees like to surf? Pornographic sites are particularly popular, out of a total of 150 million web pages, they account for 20% of the total. Aside from pornographic web sites, sports and leisure sites are also frequently visited. One way to prevent employees from, surfing these particular categories is to block specific URLs.

Continuously blocking URLs can quickly become a full-time job for administrators. Not only does this task take up unnecessary bandwidth, but more importantly many web sites evade being “blocked” by changing the name of their links (URLs). Pornographic websites are known for changing their links on a regular basis. Even if an administrator undertakes the enormous task of blocking several thousand pages web sites, two problems still remain:

Continuous references to the database slow down Internet access time.


Many websites are able to make themselves “anonymous” by acting like a proxy server. In this manner they are able to conceal their true IP addresses from the firewall.

The above mentioned methods for blocking Internet content are time-consuming and difficult to maintain. Content Security provides a more effective and secure environment, as it analyzes the content of web sites using lexical analysis, providing security independent from Website names and or URLs. This is exactly what Webdefender LanShield® Enterprise guarantees.

Corporations today rely on the Internet for their essential business needs, such as research and market analysis. The greatest challenge most corporations face is to utilize the Internet effectively for their business needs while reducing costs at the same time. Webdefender helps corporations and organizations achieve this goal by providing a tool to manage Internet use efficiently and productively within the corporation.

Together with LanShield® WebContent Control, the * LanShield® Billing Gateway, Webdefender offers an alternative to more conventional Internet security solutions by preventing undesirable file types or email content from entering the company network. Webdefender offers a wide range of new features ranging from general blocking of specific content in files to controlling web access via defined user accounts. This permits access to the Internet for everyone but also enables non company-related content to be filtered and blocked.

The combination of LanShield® WebContent Control, and * LanShield® Communication Control allows corporations to manage Internet use more effectively. It is a tool that does not prevent private surfing but rather helps to control it. For example, employees are still able to download music files and videos under certain time constraints, perhaps during lunchtime or after regular working hours. Additional charges incurred by the employee may be charged to the employee’s credit card, if desired.

LanShield® contains effective reporting and monitoring tools. With the help of a log file, data can be recorded and from this data, the administrator can charge additional costs appropriately for use of bandwidth.


 * available 06/2002


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