LanShield® Family

Webdefender will present LanShield® Family at CeBIT 2002 in Hannover, Germany. LanShield® Family is a new hardware-based desktop firewall for small business and security conscious home users. It combines in one compact box all the necessary security features, a classic packet filter and all of the LanShield® content based filter solutions for the internet and email.

The LanShield® Family box includes numerous hardware components designed for implementation in a small business. Until recently, these hardware components could only purchased individually - and were quite expensive. The price of LanShield® Family will surprise you. It will be very competitive with other retail computer products.


 Product Features
LanShield® Content Filter
Firewall Packet Filter
AntiVirus Solution
VPN Client
USB Plug & Play
Aktive USB Hub
Ethernet 10/100 Hub with 4 x RJ45
Modem (V.90 Standard)
Infrared Connector
Pin pad
SmartCard Reader

Optional Features

ISDN Router

DSL Router

Cable Router

External hard drive

External SmartCard Reader and SmartCards

Supported Features


Wireless LAN







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