Danger often lurks in the least expected places. Studies confirm that between 70 and 90 percent of unauthorized data access originates from within the company.

Statistics show that most corporations believe their own employees pose no threat to confidential information, while at the same time fearing major financial losses due to inadequate Internet security. Effective security measures against outside threats (i.e., use of ftp) have already been established. However, security measures against internal threats such as theft of confidential information are for the most part not yet in place.

As email is increasingly becoming the most common method of internal and external communication, sending a hidden attachment becomes quite simple. This opens the door for someone to either consciously or unconsciously to send confidential company documents from within the company to outside recipients in what seems to be an innocent email attachment. The damage caused by these activities can be critical to most corporations. Most of a corporation’s confidential data such as research results, for example, can found on the company intranet without any further protection.

Theft of confidential company information, fraud, unauthorized forwarding of customer and order data, manipulation of accounting data, and disclosure of development and research results to competitors are significant threats against which conventional firewalls do not offer any protection.

An effective security solution is vital to protect oneself against these types of criminal activities. Content Security solutions offer protection against these crimes as an “add-on” to the typical security solutions that firewalls offer. Effectively blocking emails with content filtering policies, such as, lexical analysis, which looks for custom specific key words, can prevent the sending of a document by blocking it and then informing the sender of the act.






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