JAVA is a programming language from Sun Microsystems. JAVA contains applets which can be loaded and run by a user´s browser while the end user is surfing on the Internet. While JAVA is quite powerful, it carries with it some security problems. For example, its executable content still causes computers to crash, and hackers like to IP spoof.

JAVA applets have become instrumental to various Internet activities, such as on-line shopping and Internet banking. As executables, applets are platform independent, and display special options in the Internet.

Microsoft has developed an add-on for JAVA in the shape of ActiveX, which is also executed by calling an Internet site. Among other things, Microsoft’s ActiveX enables interactive applications to run on the Internet. Security problems occur because of the close link between Microsoft operating system and the MS Internet Explorer. Explorer allows the end user to limit ActiveX Controls: however, the settings are often too complex for most end users. The very close integration of the Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system has led to enormous damage, up to and including complete system failures.

Astonishingly, most corporations are unaware of potential security risks caused by Java applets and ActiveX. Most businesses’ security solutions still tend to be reactive instead of proactive, because implementation of new security solutions can be costly. When weighed against the potential financial loss due to security leaks however, the cost savings are enormous.





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