Landshut,  November 23rd 2001

CEO Jörg Wigger Businessman of the Year 2001

Leonberg academy for Executive awards title for otstanding achievement

Jörg Wigger, CEO of  Webdefender AG, manufacturer of content security solutions based in Landshut/Germany, Canpbell/California and Hong Kong, was nominated today by the Leonberg Academy for Executives as "Bus´sinessman of the Year"

Landshut, November 21st  2001

Fresh capital for Webdefender AG/Germany

Landshut-based producer of content security solutions receives venture capital from tbg in Bonn/Germany.

Webdefender AG/Germany, a leading producer of content security solutions, has completed another round of financial negotiations: tbg Bonn/Germany is enter into an open interest valued in seven figures.

Landshut, August 28th 2001

Webdefender AG/Germany cooperates with the university of Munic

Scientific background for the Landshut-based manufacturer of content security solutions.

Webdefender AG/Germany, a leading producer of content security solutions, is to enter a cooperative partnership with the institute for General andTypological Linguistics at the University of Munich. IT and scientific expertise are to be brought together to improve the analytical approach used by Webdefender AG/Germany.

Landshut, June 22nd 2001

Webdefender Inc. founded in the USA

Webdefender now also has represantation in the United States - some parts of development relocate to Silicon Valley on June 1st 2001

Webdefender AG/Germany, a leading producer of content security solutions, continues to grow: Webdefender Inc. a one hundred percent subsidiary began work in Silicon Valley on June 1st 2001.


Landshut, March 21st 2001

Revolution in the field of IT security

LanShieldŽ lainches the first effective content security system

Heavy Investment in IT security systems does not automatically deliver the anticipated level of protection for sensitive company networks. The challenges facing both internal and external security have actually increased dramatically, whilst almost all protection systems continue to have ioopholes. Brighter prospects are in view thanks to systems which analyse the content of files, eMail messages and websites. The concept of content security is now acquiring a whole new dimension.


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