The gateway of the future

LanShield® Enterprise is the first content based firewall of the new generation of security solutions. The central gateway analyzes the content of all incoming and outgoing traffic during runtime. All filtering procedures are based on policies.

Without user limitations, LanShield® Enterprise protects large business networks with broadband connections to the Internet.

LanShield® Enterprise can be implemented in any existing IT-environment. Its hardware-based content-filtering system expands on conventional packet filtering firewalls by reducing costs of Internet misuse, preventing data loss and offering up-to-date protection against harmful code.

New dangers, coupled with growth in existing security threats, show the weaknesses of the traditional approach to IT-security. The old questions, beginning with “who” ,“where” and "with"; left companies open to security leaks because the “what” was not considered. Webdefender’s content based security offers a completely new level of protection.

CONTENT SECURITY – more than just content filtering


The innovative technology of LanShield® Enterprise combines all the functionality of a forward-looking data security solution in one box. LanShield® Enterprise guarantees immediate reduction in data loss and data misuse. As the world’s only manufacturer of a content security solution, Webdefender ensures that LanShield® Enterprise, combined with the LanShield® Management Center offers maximum security via encrypted smartcard authentication which also protects against misuse.

NEED FOR SPEED - performance for specialists


As the need for broadband connection and faster transmission speed increases, most anti-virus client-server software applications are no longer able to meet the high demands of content verification during runtime. Only a perfect interaction between:


an individualized hardware


a stable and custom made operating system and an


expansion through new technology for IP-handling and a transparent gateway

build the requirements for an efficient security deployment in a resource intensive IT environment.


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